All we have is now . . .

The best thing in life is the people we love, the places we visit and the memories we make. So grab your people, enjoy the sophistication of Ora and live in the moment to make memories for the future.


ORA is charming, and yet contemporary as it is refined. Sophisticated as it is vibrant and vivacious.

We believe in the ‘magic’ of mixology and are passionate about premium pours. Whether it’s a catch up with friends, a toast with family, or cocktails with your girls or guys, we have plenty to offer!... because in true Italian style at ORA we never say less is more!

ROCCA Est. in 2016, has long fostered the desire to expand into a bar ambiance, a vision borne from our valued customers; your encouragement and enjoyment of all we have to offer in equal measures.

ORA itself was derived from our founding establishment ROCCA. Our design concept began with appreciation for the class that was the 19th century era when our Grade B listed premises was formed. The once was bank had synergies with gold (‘oro’ in Italian) and we ensured as part of our vision strong design nods to gold hues, brass, antiqued metals, and ornate detailing throughout. From the initial gold concept of ‘oro’ came ORA.

ORA in Italiano means ‘now’. And as our very own always say, isn’t it so true that when all is said, all we really ever have is NOW. So live it, love it, and raise a glass to being in the moment at ORA.

It has been a labour of love to reinstate the property to it's former glory, and one which we hope many of you can NOW enjoy and admire, relaxing with a drink in hand. Let’s cheers to that!


SUN: 12PM-11PM
THU: 12PM-11PM

111 Cadzow St, Hamilton ML3 6HN